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All images hand-printed by the artist on acid-free paper.

Portraits of Celebrated Authors

A Sampling

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"Išve always thought of art as being the perfect marriage of things seen and things dreamed," Stephen Alcorn recently observed towards the end of a long, thoughtful conversation about his work. "Itšs that marriage of the way we see things in our imagination and the way we perceive them physically in nature that creates tension and dynamic. Where do you find the right meeting point? In portraiture, for example, you can think of an egg and embellish it and arrive at a portrait. And you can also see the actual head in all its detail, subtlety, and complexity and distill it and arrive at an egg. The key is finding the middle ground where therešs a degree of distillation and abstraction without forsaking the character traits that give the specific subject its individuality."
— Carol Stevens, Executive Editor, Print Magazine
From Choice Cuts, a cover story on the art of Stephen Alcorn
Print Magazine, January-February issue, 1994